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  • What if I need to cancel?
    Please be aware of my cancellation policy: In order to continue providing the best possible scheduling options to my guests, I do require 48 hours notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your visit with me. Should you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, a 50% of the service cancellation fee does apply and will be due before a new appointment is scheduled. No shows will be charge 100% of their booked service that will need to be paid in full before any future appointments are booked and all future appointments after a "no show" will also require a 50% deposit that will be used towards the service. If you do need to cancel or reschedule please email me directly at or click here. If there is another day and time that works for you, please include that in the email and I will try my best to accommodate you.
  • What happens if I'm running late?
    I pride myself on providing service to all of my guests in a timely and professional manner. Your promptness is greatly appreciated and is required to properly serve you. In the event that you are running late, you will be billed for the entire session. However; as a courtesy to other clients, we can only conduct your session within your scheduled appointment time. This means that if I am able to accommodate you, the amount of time you are late will be taken off your scheduled appointment time on either the front end or the back end. We will either have less time for your color application or you will need to leave without a blow-dry. Please contact the salon directly at 702.233.2020 if you are running late and inform the receptionist. If you are running more than 15 minutes late for cutting appointments, I do require that your appointment be rescheduled. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance or 'no shows' will be charged 100 percent of the treatment price. Late arrivals will be responsible for the full treatment price; service price will not be reduced based upon arrival time.
  • Do you have an illness policy?
    I do! In an effort to maintain a healthy environment, I ask that if you are sick (which includes a cold, a fever, the flu, etc.) or have the onset of symptoms of an illness that you reschedule your appointment. If you arrive for your appointment with symptoms of an illness, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment. This is for your well being as well as the health of our employees and clients.
  • Can I call or text you?
    I run my business through my website and email. Due to the nature of my business and the fact that I am behind the chair for 8-12 hours on my workdays, email is the best way to contact me. It also helps me keep all commuication in one place so texts don't fall through the cracks. I answer emails and 5 Days a week, Monday through Friday. Email me with any questions you may have at or simply click here.
  • I need help finding inspiration!
    You’re in luck! At the bottom of every page on this website there are my social medial links. You can see my gallery on Instagram or Facebook with my previous work and there is also a Pinterest link that goes to my specially curated Pinterest page! There you can find all sorts of inspiration, tutorials, and educational links to help you on your journey. Please check it out before your visit so we have a starting point…visuals are always great to help me see what you like and how you see color. I suggest bringing 2-3 images to help us narrow down exactly what you want.
  • I'm an existing client but I haven’t seen you in over 6 months, why do I have to book under New Guests?"
    Maintenance appointment pricing applies to clients who receive services every 1-5 months. For clients wishing to go 6 months or longer, no problem, but you will need to select a new client block at the time of rebooking to ensure we have ample time to reconnect and revamp your look.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    If you are a New Guest, please head on over to the New Guest Page where you’ll find information about your first visit and a breakdown of first time guest appointments. You can book directly through that page. If you are an existing guest, please head over to “Service Menu” where you can book directly.
  • Is a credit card required to book an appointment?
    Yes, all appointments require a credit card to make and hold the appointment. This is to protect my business, my time and enforce the cancellation, no show and late appointment policies. You can also save a credit card to your client profile for expedited check out or invoicing.
  • Do you have a waitlist?
    Yes! If there is a date or time that you would like but is fully booked, please click the “add me to the waitlist” button at the bottom of the booking page. If there is a cancellation my booking system will automatically choose from the list and fill the open time. You will receive an email/text confirmation.
  • How early should I arrive for my appointment?
    I recommend all guests arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointments times. New guests will have a New Guest Intake form that needs to be filled out before the service begins. Late arrivals will result in a shortened service time.
  • How long is my service?
    All service times are noted when you are booking your appointment. These times are accurate and have consultation, color mixing, color application time, processing time and finishing times accounted for. Hair color is a chemical process applied to hundereds of thousands of hairs on your head...the average person has 110,000 hairs on their head! I cannot “throw on” color or cut down on the processing time ect. Please account for the full service time and do not show up to your appointment with time constraints. You will be asked to reschedule or leave wet. I cannot rush the process and will not sacrifice the health of your hair or my service standards.
  • What are your hours?
    I am in the salon Tuesday - Friday 9am - 5pm (last appointment taken at 3:30) and Saturday 9am - 6pm (last appointment taken at 4:30). I answer emails Monday - Friday.
  • Can I bring my child?
    Children are welcome as long as they are scheduled for services. We ask that you don’t bring children to the salon unless they are receiving a service. As much as we love kids, it’s impossible to safely supervise them while you are in our chair, we are working with chemicals, sharp objects and high heat tools, so please make other arrangements for them. We also ask that you respect the other guests’ peace and quiet by leaving your children at home. This also allows you time for yourself to enjoy your services.
  • I'm not sure what I should book...
    If you are uncertain you can either email me here or come in for a complimentary consultation. You can book this through my New Guests booking page under “New Guest Color Consultation” at the bottom of the page. Please arrive 15min early for your appointment to fill out a consultation questionnaire, we will find a place to chat for about 15 minutes and come up with a game plan!
  • What is the recommended maintenance schedule?
    Blonding services: 6-8 weeks Color retouch: 5-8 weeks Color Balancing Gloss: 4-6 weeks Haircut: 4-10 weeks Balayage: 8-16 weeks
  • What is Olaplex?
    Olaplex is a hair treatment that reconnects broken disulfide bonds in your hair. It also limits damage to hair during and after blonding and color services. I suggest adding this on to every color service to protect, reconstruct, and nuture your hair. It's AMAZING!
  • Am I a candidate for Olaplex?
    Anyone is a candidate! Especially those experiencing breakage in the hair shaft or those looking to improve the health of the hair or grow! Olaplex can be added to any color service or can be applied as a deep reconstructuring conditioning treatment.
  • What is Balayage?
    Simply put, balayage is a hair-coloring technique, in which the color is painted on just the surface of the hair. Balayage has French origins and translates to “to sweep” in French. It is also a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is hand-painted (a.k.a. no foils) on in a precise way. This results in a subtle effect, similar to that of natural, sun-kissed hair and lasts for up to 3-12 months. Balayage is a highlighting technique; it’s simply an innovative, healthier method of lightening your hair. Balayage is for everyone, regardless of your hair length or color. It is a totally bespoke technique unique to you and your personal hair goals.
  • How does an express service work?
    Express services are available for established and existing clientele only. This service must be booked between 2-4 weeks and no more than3 express services booked back to back. This is an express root touch up where color is applied, processed, rinsed and you will leave in a deep conditioning hair mask or wet. If you would like a blowout please book "women's blowout" additionally so we have enough time.
  • What is grey blending? Grey transitioning?
    Grey blending is a specialized technique used to blend in your grey for a seamless transition and less noticeable grow out without the traditional line of demarkation that is prevalent with most color techniques. I like to call it my “paint by number technique” that is fully customized for you. This technique is used on lighter hair levels (since grey is the absence of pigment) and the result is healthy hair with a multidimensional effect. Grey blending is the first step to grey transitioning. Transitioning is the process of accepting and working with your grey hair to achieve healthy, shiny, natural looking results. Please come in for a complimentary consultation if you are interested in either of these services. I will need to see you current hair color level and the amount of grey you have present. We will discuss options and a plan to achieve the best result for your hair.
  • Should I wash my hair before my service?
    Color is best applied on a clean palette, especially with blonding services. As a guideline I say 1-2 days dirty is ok (2 days at the most) unless you have hair that overproduces oil. When there is too much oil, sweat or product build up on the scalp, it can make it difficult for me to get a clean section (which is imperative in foil services) and can also adversely effect color fully penetrating the hair. If your hair is too dirty to service, we will either need to add on a shampoo/blowout before the start of the service or you will need to rebook the service if time constraints do not allow for an add on. Please also keep in mind that grey coverage sprays and powders do effect the way color takes. Please do not use on the day of your service.
  • How should I come in for an Up/Do Style Appointment?
    Come to your appointment with clean, blow-dried, straight hair. If you would like a shampoo/ blowout before, we will need to book that additionally as it adds more time to the service. If you are planning for a big event such as your wedding day, I will be happy to book you a consultation here and assist you with any questions before your appointment.
  • I am really interested in hair extensions. What is my first step?
    If you are thinking about getting hair extensions, click here to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation. This will give us the opportunity to go over any questions or concerns you may have and determine what will work best. All of our hair extensions are customized for each of our guests, so I cannot quote prices without seeing your hair.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    I accept all debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Vagaro, Zelle and Cash (5% discount) for hair services. Payment is due at the time of service.
  • Why do prices vary?
    Prices may vary due to factors such as hair length, density, placement, technique, time associated, product cost and use and more. I’d love to chat―feel free to email me and ask us any questions you might have. Please do keep in mind that I cannot and do not quote prices over email, as seeing your hair in person is the only way to maintain transparency by giving you an accurate price for your desired service. If you would like to book a consultation please click here.
  • How is pricing determined?
    My prices are determined by a combination of factors such as the service itself/demand, product cost & quality, application time, experience and more. My prices also account for our specialty in my field, education, experience and business costs. I understand hair is an investment and fully encourage every person to shop around, consult with different stylists, and make sure you are fully confident in your decision.
  • Do you do trade? Haggle? Is pricing negotiable?
    I do not offer trade and I do not negotiate pricing. My pricing is set and based on a myriad of factors including my experience, product cost, rent, utilities, supplies, overhead costs, education and much more. I do run my business as a business and asking a hairstylist why they charge what they do or trying to haggle is impolite. I offer many different services in many different price ranges, I’m sure we can find a option that fits your needs.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    Yes, I happily take walk-ins when I’m available to help you. However, I often book out 2-3 weeks. I encourage you to schedule beforehand. You can always check the schedule day of via my booking page.
  • Do you have food and beverage at the salon?
    We have coffee, assorted herbal teas and filtered water are available to enjoy. We have an adorable coffee shop called Cafe Lola located on the first floor of our building that has beverages, meals and snacks available for purchase.
  • What if I’m not happy with my service?
    There might not be anything more disappointing than getting a service that, for whatever reason, doesn’t feel good. I strive to offer my guests the highest level of guest satisfaction and I’m all about open communication and making my guests look and feel their best. If you are having challenges with your cut or color, please let me know here within 7 days of your visit and I'm happy to correct the issue with no additional charge.
  • Professional products vs Store Bought?
    Some nice drugstore products can mimic salon products, though the ingredients probably won't be as high quality (or as highly concentrated). While both sets of products may contain the same ingredients, the amounts of said ingredients may differ. Salon products, for which you may often pay more, may also contain special herbs, oils and vitamins that will either not be in store brands or, if they are listed, in much lower concentrations.There is a reason that a product is placed into a salon, it has been approved by the professionals who work at the salon. If you want your hair to be the best quality with longevity, then I would invest in a salon quality product. The first ingredient in many drugstore products will probably be water, which dilutes the rest of the ingredients and makes the size of the product seem like a good value. You are paying less, but you may have to use more of the product to get the result you want, using twice as much of the half-priced conditioner may not save you any money in the long run. Most store bought products contain waxes that over time coat the hair strand, dulling it and suffocate the scalp. Salon products use a higher concentration of ingredients, so they will last longer, because you may have to use less and protect your investment, which is why we suggest them. Perhaps the most important ingredient to look at is surfactant. This is the “detergent” that creates the lather and that is meant to thoroughly clean the hair. The problem is that not all surfactants are the same. Salon brands, for example, usually contain sodium laureth sulfate, which is gentler on the hair, although it may produce less lather. Cheaper store products, though, may contain ammonium laurel sulfate or sodium laurel sulfate, both of which tend to be more abrasive, to the point of stripping sensitive hair of essential nutrients, moisturizing agents and even hair color. They are often used in cheaper products because they create more lather (often giving the idea of cleansing better), are less expensive for manufacturers and often give short-term superficial benefits.
  • Is box color really that bad?
    Box color is awful. When we formulate in the salon we are looking at your full hair history, the amount of shift or lift you desire, what your current hair color is, if you have grey hair (which processes completely different than pigmented hair) and your true desired result. We take all this into account and formulate for exactly what you need. Box color on the other hand is formulated for the masses. In fact, most box dyes are formulated with maximum amounts of pigment and ammonia, so it's able to work on most people. This unnecessary overload of ingredients wreak havoc on hair health and increase your likelihood of allergic reactions. Box color can actually change the molecular structure of your hair and destroys your mids and ends when reapplied multiple times. Its extremely hard and expensive to correct.
  • What is henna?
    Henna is a metallic dye normally found at natural or health stores. It causes all sorts of issues with hair color and bleach such as breakage, smoking, and turning the hair irreversibly green when certain products come into contact with it. I do not work on hair that has been touched by Henna.
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